What is behind the ROUTEX fuel card network?

“Together we are stronger", says an old German proverb. This wisdom can also be transferred into the business world.

Due to the merger of Aral, BP, eni, OMV and Circle K, the network alliance ROUTEX is one of the largest fuel station networks in Europe. The ROUTEX network covers 29 different countries and about 18,000 different fuel stations.

Which services offers a ROUTEX fuel card?

truck wash, ferries, (secure) parking, fueling, emission stickers, RoLa (intermodal transportation), breakdown services, toll handling & vignettes

In addition to the cashless handling of fuels, the ROUTEX fuel card also offers the possibility of processing secure parking lots, truck washes, ferries and many other on-road services cashless across Europe. With ROUTEX, especially all relevant toll systems in Europe can be handled.

What are the benefits of accepting ROUTEX fuel cards?

For acceptance partners it is especially an advantage, that ROUTEX combines the customers of five different international companies, which can all be bound via just one contract. Additionally the clients of TRAFINEO, take over the risk of payment defaults.

Thus, ROUTEX not only provides you with a higher turnover, but also protects you against potential payment defaults so that you can focus on your business and look forward to a large number of new customers.

What are the benefits for fuel card issuers?

Fuel card issuers can benefit from a variety of acceptance points across Europe and additionally offer their customers a wide range of toll and on-road services.

Furthermore ROUTEX partners can simply connect new offers regarding on-road and value-added services via TRAFINEO, as well as a multilingual customer support. Thus, it is guaranteed that only toll experts take care of customer enquiries and registration related questions.

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