From the road onto the railway

We offer the customers of our business partners a broad range of offers in the field of rolling country roads (RoLa) or inter-modal transport in Austria and Switzerland. Special low-floor trains are used, which can transport whole trucks. RoLa reduce the total costs of the transport, are protect the environment and are supported politically.

The benefits of the inter-modal transport are varied. The fuel consumption is reduced, the CO2 emissions for routes travelled by train are shown separately. In addition the time, which the driver spends on the train, is offset against the rest periods stipulated by law. In Tirol (Austria) the sectoral ban on driving can additionally be circumvented by means of the rolling country roads.

No additional contingents with non-EU-trucks

Non-EU-trucks have certain contingents for crossing the member states of the European Union. In case of bottlenecks it is possible to divert to the connection of the Austrian Rail Cargo Operator (RCO) without further contingents.


The benefit

  • Separate disclosure of CO2 emissions
  • Rest period for the driver
  • Circumvention of the ban on driving in Tirol (Austria)
  • Non-EU-trucks: no contingent necessary
  • Direct access to RCO
  • Access to RAlpin via PIQUE Ferry Agency
  • Many transport corridors
  • Special loading terminals