Quickly to the fast charging

Electrical vehicles bring a new momentum into the mobility. However, extensive charging possibilities in the public sector, with which sufficient ranges and reasonable charging times can be realised, are missing so far.

TRAFINEO has offered a practical and effective solution for the operation of electrical vehicles in leasing and company fleets since 2017.

With a hybrid card (combination of RFID chip and classical magnet strips) customers can charge their electrically operated vehicles at more than 200,000 public charge points in Europe.

With the newly developed smartphone application for Android and iOS drivers can find the shortest way to the nearest charging stations and it supplies a great deal of real time information such as availability, charging duration, price calculation and vehicle compatibility.

Simple charging solutions for private and commercial customers

The new e-charging range additionally offers private and commercial customers smart solutions for the charging of electrical vehicles – at home and at public charging stations.

Your benefits

Charging in the public sector:

  • Access to and overview of more than 200,000 public charge points
  • Simple and cashless payment processing
  • Excellent network coverage
  • Fast charging possible
  • Charging card through the TRAFINEO Business Partners

Charging at home:

  • Installation of the individually suitable charging station upon request
  • Charging of the company car directly at home; processing of the payment via the company card