Security and service – parking throughout Europe with TRAFINEO

Organised crime, fuel theft or overfull motorway service areas: Parking is a substantial risk in the transport industry. Therefore, we are continuously expanding our offer of secure parking spaces. As customers of our business partners drivers can use a multitude of secure parking possibilities throughout the whole of Europe today already – for a few hours or several days, very flexibly corresponding with their individual needs.

Secured parking spaces for trucks:

The parking spaces offered by us have maximum standards of security: Many are surrounded by fences, equipped with video surveillance and employ security personnel during the night. In addition many of them also offer services for drivers, such as for example ATMs, restaurants, showers and toilets. In total secure parking spaces are available in Germany, Sweden and Denmark, Italy and Spain as well as in France.


Depot parking spaces for trucks:

In our product package "Drive Britain" we moreover have eleven depot parking spaces in Great Britain. They are located on private sites, many are surrounded by fences and have an entry control. To park in these places, the customer has to book a parking lot in advance by calling TRAFINEO or by calling the UK telephone number (+44 (0) 1603 777 424. Telephone Reservations cost 1.50 GBP).

Truck parking spaces:

In Great Britain and Italy the customers of our business partners can settle their truck parking spaces through their service or fuel card.