Informed and registered

Toll extension 2018

From 1 July 2018 the truck toll will also apply on all German highways [B-roads]. The Bundesrat [Upper House of German parliament] passed the bill to amend the Federal Highway Toll Act in February 2017. So far trucks from 7.5 tons in Germany only had to pay a usage fee on just under 13,000 kilometres of motorway and on 2,300 kilometres of highways similar to motorways.

"With the extension to all highways [B-roads] around 40,000 kilometres will be added to this", the Federal Minister of Transport, Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), declared with the presentation of the planned new regulation in the Bundestag [Lower House of German parliament] in May 2016. The extension which has now been decided is expected to generate two billion Euros of additional income for the state.

The toll extension concretely means that carriers, which were not subject to the toll obligation so far, as they mainly operated on highways and country roads, will have to register their vehicles. 


Your benefits

The customers of TRAFINEO already offer a possibility for pre-registration for end customers today. You can find out here how you can register for the toll extension now already [link to pre-registration pages].