How criminals cost the transport industry billions and how parking lots will help you

Each year, thieves steal more than 1,500 truckloads across Germany and, according to various media reports, cause a material damage of around 1.2 billion euros. The consequences for the economy are estimated significantly higher, as supply chains are interrupted and delays of shipment are caused. The law enforcement authorities suspect the organized crime behind the thievery.

Also, the ruthless gangs put a high risk to the life and health of the drivers, as not infrequently gas is pumped into the cabins during the theft, in order to numb the drivers for a certain period of time.

The European Commission (Directorate General for Energy and Transport) has recognized the problem as well and has funded the SETPOS (Secure European Truck Parking Operational Services) project, which certifies secured parking spaces. There are currently 20 of these so called "secure truck parking lots" across Europe, which can be handled via different fuel or service cards. One of them is located in Germany at the motorway station Uhrsleben on the A2 northwest of Magdeburg. It is surrounded by a 3.2m high fence, holds 50 truck trains, is monitored by 16 surveillance cameras and, of course, offers the "usual" motorway services, such as an ATM or an Aral petrol station in the immediate vicinity.

What exactly is a secure truck parking?

The "secure truck parking lots", which are certified by SETPOS, are all fenced with NATO wire, employ security guards during the night and are equipped with several surveillance cameras. In addition, many of the parking lots offer comfortable services for drivers, such as restaurants, ATMs and sanitary facilities.

Are there alternatives to the parking lots certified by SETPOS?

Yes, for example, the Association of German Motorway Stations (VEDA), which has adopted the idea of ​​the European Commission and has certified so-called PREMIUM and QUALITY parking spaces. For a successful certification, applicants must provide evidence of compliance with 18 criteria. This includes, in addition to restricted intake controls and an illumination of all parking spaces during the night, also the provision of beverages and hot food 24 hours a day.

What are the advantages for operators of secure parking spaces from accepting fuel and service cards?
The acceptance of various tank and service cards guarantees the operators of secured parking spaces the largest possible customer base of national and international customers. In a matter of fact, most transport companies equip their drivers with at least one fuel card to keep a better overview of costs and expenses. In addition, the use of fuel cards reduces the risk of embezzlement for carriers substantially.

We also support the offer of secure parking with fuel and service card acceptance in order to ensure the safety of freight and drivers of our client’s customers.